16 months – 2.9 years

As your toddler grows, they will be absorbing a ton of information and constantly observing the world around them. When they are in a stimulating and nurturing environment, like the one we offer, they will get a boost to their learning and development. Our curriculum and daily activities help your child thrive throughout this period of their lives.


Toddlers need a strong routine, room to move, and materials to explore. They are learning new skills every day but still need a nurturing caregiver to give love and guidance. Our curriculum understands and respects the energy and enthusiasm the toddler has about the world around them. Our caring staff helps develop independence by demonstrating self-help skills.


At Inch By Inch, we have two toddler classrooms: Toddler 1 (16 months to 2 years) and Toddler 2 (2 years to 2.9 years). Each room meets the changing needs of these age groups and supports learning in a fun, creative, and engaging environment. Your child will be able to grow and develop throughout this time in their life.

Daily Activities

Toddlers participate in daily circle and small group activities. They are exposed to colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. Through hearing stories, the children develop their language skills and a love of reading.

Some of the activities your toddler will be able to participate in include playing with blocks, art, dramatic play, and a sensory table. The toddlers have their own playground that is surfaced in landscaping turf and each toddler class has use of the indoor gym for gross motor play.

Your toddler will be able to continuously learn new things and develop new skills in our program. If you are interested in our toddler program, be sure to contact us and schedule a tour of Inch By Inch Child Care in Bedford. We look forward to hearing from you!