The teachers at IBI have helped to foster a love of learning…

Dave and I wanted to take a moment to thank you, tell you how we feel about Inch By Inch (IBI), and share our experiences with the center for prospective families. Between our 3 children, we have had at least one of them in almost every class in the center, and our experience has been very positive.

We have found the office staff to be very understanding and accommodating. Although all 3 of our children have been at the center full-time for quite a while now, IBI was the only center that was willing to accommodate separate part-time schedules for them; this was one of the primary reasons we initially selected IBI. They also facilitated our family’s transition into a full-time schedule when our needs suddenly changed; suffice to say that at the time, we were extremely grateful to have their support.

As it should be with any daycare/school, the teachers are IBI’s strongest asset. It isn’t always easy being a working mom; while I was on maternity leave with our youngest, I dreaded the thought of having to leave our new baby at a center. Janice and the other infant staff were amazing with her; they are loving and attentive to the babies entrusted to them. It meant so much to me to feel completely comfortable with the care that our baby girl would receive throughout the day, and it allowed me to successfully transition from maternity leave back to work. The love and attention doesn’t stop with the infant room; it is comforting to know that if one of our children is having a bad day or gets a “boo-boo” that they will get some genuine TLC. This is particularly important to me since I occasionally have to travel for work, and this can be difficult for the kids. It also makes me feel better knowing that the teachers will make sure our girls don’t suffer from bed head when I’m travelling ?

Our older children (twins) started at IBI in the preschool 2 room, and they are currently finishing their year in pre-kindergarten. The teachers have prepared them well, both academically and socially, for the move to elementary school. We have decided to enroll them in private school, and we received very positive feedback during kindergarten screenings. We have found the curricula to be age appropriate while introducing a wide variety of concepts, including science, math, handwriting and geography. More importantly, they both love going to IBI and look forward to the time they spend there. They really enjoy their daily routine, especially circle time and project work. The teachers at IBI have helped foster a love for learning that we hope will always stay with our children.

Our youngest is about to transition into the toddler 2 room, being at IBI has really helped her speech, social, and gross motor skills blossom. She has so much fun playing with her friends, and she is always singing new songs for us. It is obvious that she loves spending time at IBI, and this makes drop-off easier for all of us.

Regarding the actual facilities at IBI, we have visited many daycares in the area. By far, IBI has the largest gross motor room and best equipped playgrounds that we have seen. We are both active individuals, and we want to encourage our children to develop healthy habits. We really appreciate the fact that IBI provides the children with plenty of space and time for exercise.

In closing, we want to thank each and every one of you at IBI for the love and care that you give our children.

Beth & Dave R., Billerica