IBI is also very accommodating to the present-day two-working parent family.

We enjoy the daily report cards that we receive when we pick up our son. We are able to use the detailed information that the teachers write to jumpstart conversations with our toddler son about what favorite activity he took part in. And, more importantly, reinforce what he learned earlier in the day during circle time or songs that Mr. Ron sang with them.

We appreciate have IBI teachers come up to us that have assisted in our son’s classroom for the day and tell us about how proud he was to use the potty or how helpful he was during clean up time. We consider the teachers a part of our extended family. Our son clearly feels that way too when he gives them a hug before leaving for the day.

IBI is also very accommodating for the present-day two-working parent family. It’s been very helpful to us to have the hours of operation to allow my wife and I to be successful at our jobs. During our absence, we have peace of mind knowing that our son is in an environment where the teachers are very aware and very familiar with his behavior patterns. The can readily assess what is best for our son.

When we are asked which daycare we take our son, we proudly say Inch By Inch. They offer a structured learning environment for our son, yet they are flexible to adjust to the classroom’s needs when necessary.

Ken & Clarissa G., Bedford