Since many of us are finding ourselves spending more time at home because of business and city closures due to the virus, we also find ourselves trying to stay entertained. While it can be hard to keep ourselves entertained it is even more difficult keeping our children entertained!

Most parents don’t want their children watching endless hours of TV or playing video games, but what else can keep your kids busy, especially while you are trying to work from home? We know it can be difficult to keep your kids entertained while you are trying to get your tasks done as well.

At Inch By Inch Child Care in Bedford, we wanted to help! While we may be closed right now, we are always ready to help parents and kids. Read this blog for some ideas on how to keep your children busy and entertained during this time stuck at home.

Create an Obstacle Course

An obstacle course can be fun and keep your children entertained for hours. They will have fun racing through different mazes and challenges to make it to the finish line. Creating an obstacle course doesn’t have to be difficult either, you can use different toys and objects you already have to create a fun course.

If you have hula hoops you can space them apart and make your kiddos have to jump from one to the other. You can use pool noodles to make mini arches that they have to crawl through. Use a wooden board (that won’t give them splinters!) to create a balance beam that they have to walk across. You can make any object a part of your obstacle course, you just have to be creative!

You can also build your obstacle course inside or outside as the weather starts warming up. This is a fun activity that will keep your children busy for a while. You can even change up your obstacle course every day to keep it exciting for your kiddos!

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are a great activity that can keep your children busy. Since there are so many different types of crafts, you will be able to find something your child likes. Whether it is making bracelets, painting, or making things out of pipe cleaners, cotton balls, and popsicle sticks, there are many different crafts for your children to try. You can even get them sidewalk chalk and allow them to turn your driveway into a colorful masterpiece.

Be sure to stock up on their favorite art and craft supplies next time you are shopping online or hitting the grocery store. Add a few fun and new craft items as well to keep them excited and entertained! Not only can arts and crafts keep your kiddos busy, but these types of activities can also encourage your child to think creatively and use their imagination.

Make a Play or Movie

If your kiddos enjoy putting on performances for you, tell them to make a play that they perform for your later that night. Make sure they have fun dress-up clothes, props, and whatever else they need to create a play. Your children will spend time planning it out, practicing it, and making sure it is perfect before they perform for you.

If you have an old video camera, allow them to make a movie. They can take turns filming, work together to think of a plot, come up with lines, and spend all day creating a fun movie. This is a great way for them to spend their time and stay creative. Doing an activity like this can also help them learn how to work together and use their problem-solving skills.

Build a Fort

Let your children build a fort in the living room, a bedroom, or even their playroom. Building a fort is a fun activity for kids of all ages and gives them a place to hang out once it is done. Your children can work together to create the perfect pillow fort and spend all day doing it. Then they can play, read, color, or play pretend in the fort and enjoy endless hours there for days to come!

Forts are a great way to keep your children busy, but they can also be beneficial for them. If you let your children build a fort on their one, they will be using problem-solving skills, following directions (from their older siblings), using their creativity, and working together for a common goal. If you have time, you could even make a fort that fits the entire family and enjoy a movie night in there!

Outdoor Toys

During the warmer months, not only do you want to keep your kids entertained, but you want them outside and active as much as possible! By getting your children games and toys they can use in your backyard or out front while you sit on the porch, you can make sure they are spending more time outside.

Get them some fun water guns to play with or a kiddie pool. You can also get them balls to pass around, bubbles, chalk, or a sandbox with some buckets and shovels. There are many different toys and games that can get your children outside and keep them entertained for hours!

Hopefully, these gave you some more fun ideas on how to keep your kids entertained during your time stuck at home. When life goes back to normal, be sure to schedule a tour at Inch By Inch Child Care in Bedford! For now, enjoy the time you do get to spend with your kiddos and try to be creative and think of fun activities every day.