Halloween is a fun holiday for children. They get to decorate pumpkins, stay up late, dress up like someone or something else, and go trick-or-treating and collect a ton of candy. What’s not to love? However, Halloween may be a bit different this year and trick-or-treating may not happen. While your children may throw a little fit because of this, there are many other ways to celebrate! One of those ways is by doing crafts with your kiddos!

Halloween crafts are fun and a great way to keep your children entertained. Plus, there are so many crafts that your toddler will be able to make! At Inch By Inch Child Care in Bedford, we know that crafts are a great activity for children and provide kiddos with a variety of benefits. In this blog, we are going to talk about some fun and spooky crafts that you can do with your kiddos to celebrate Halloween.

Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

Start saving your old toilet paper rolls for your kiddos to create monsters with! This craft is fun because it allows your child to make their monster look however they want. For this craft, you will need empty toilet paper rolls, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, paint or markers, construction paper, and whatever else your child may want to use for their monster. If they want to make a mummy instead of a monster, add some gauze or white yarn to the supply list. Let your child paint their monster whatever color they want, add as many eyes and arms as they want, and create their own little scary monster!

Cotton Ball Ghosts

Cotton ball ghosts are another fun craft for your toddlers! For this craft, you will need construction paper, glue, cotton balls, and yarn. Help your kiddos get started by cutting out a ghost outline from the construction paper. Have your child glue cotton balls on the ghost cutout, covering the entire thing. Then have them make a face out of black construction paper. If your child needs help using scissors, you can help them cut out the face. Have them glue the face on their ghost. Glue a piece of yarn to the back of the ghost to make a loop so your child can hang their ghost as a cute and spooky decoration!

Popsicle Stick Spiders

These cute little spiders are easy and fun for your kiddos to make. For this craft, you will need popsicle sticks, black craft poms, googly eyes, markers, and glue. Give your child four popsicle sticks (can be the thick ones or the thin ones) and have them color each one with a marker. They can color them all the same color or each a different color. It is entirely up to them! After they are done coloring their popsicle sticks, you can help glue them together. They should all criss-cross over each other, creating a little fan on each side. These are the spider’s legs. Glue a black craft pom to the top of the popsicle sticks, where they meet in the center. Let your kiddo pick whether they want — big or small googly eyes — and help them add them to the spider! Decorate your home with these cute little spiders to celebrate the spooky holiday.

Paper Plate Jack O’Lantern

Making Jack o’lanterns with paper plates is a fun and easy craft to do with toddlers! For this craft, you will need paper plates, an orange marker or paint, black construction paper, and green pipe cleaners. Start by having your kiddo color their paper plate orange. Then let them create their Jack o’lantern’s face with the black construction paper (you can also use black paint and just have them paint the face on.) Help them poke a hole in the top of the paper plate and stick a green pipe cleaner through it, curl the pipe cleaner around a pencil to look like a pumpkin’s vines. Hang your kiddos’ Jack o’lantern on the fridge and display it all month long!

Paint Pumpkins

Another great and simple Halloween craft to do with your kiddos is painting pumpkins! This is a fun and kid-friendly way to decorate pumpkins during this season since toddlers won’t be able to carve their own Jack o’lanterns. Get small pumpkins and a bunch of paint, and let your child get as creative as possible! They can paint their pumpkin with a fun design or with a face for a classic Jack o’lantern look. This can be a fun way to spend some time as a family celebrating Halloween and letting your children be as creative as they want. You can also get googly eyes and other fun things to add to the pumpkins and decorate them with!

These are a few of the many Halloween crafts that you can do with your toddlers during the Halloween season to celebrate the spooky holiday safely! Try one of all of these craft projects and decorate your home with everything you kiddos make.

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