Summer is a great time to get kids outside and keep them active. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and there are an endless amount of activities that can keep them entertained and having fun. Some parents may struggle with keeping their kids entertained during the summer, but we have some ideas to help!

While your children may be able to entertain themselves and simply play outside without you giving them ideas, we know that sometimes they can find themselves bored. At Inch By Inch Child Care in Bedford, we are a child care center dedicated to helping your child learn and develop. We offer a summer program that allows children to explore nature and enjoy different activities throughout the summer.

In this blog, we are going to give you some ideas for fun outdoor activities that your kiddos can enjoy throughout the summer.


A game of tag is a classic option for kids. This is a simple game that all kids love and can play for hours. If your children do, however, begin to get bored with tag, there are several versions that can keep them entertained. Freeze tag involves the kid’s freezing if they get tagged. This means that they cannot move until another kid unfreezes them. This is a fun version of tag that also teaches children to work together. Tag is a game that was played by many of us and will continue to be played for generations to come.

Color With Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is a great summer item to get your kids. They will be able to color whatever they want on the sidewalk and driveway. Whether your kiddos choose to use the chalk for hopscotch, to trace each other on the driveway, or to simply color a picture, this is a fun way for them to spend time outside. Sidewalk chalk is fun and different from simply coloring on paper. Your child will be able to create pictures and art that is bigger than them, which can keep them entertained for hours.

Play Pretend

While playing pretend can be done indoors as well, imaginative children can enjoy playing pretend in the great outdoors. Maybe your kiddos will pretend they are explorers in a jungle, discovering new lands. Or maybe they are a family in the wild west and their bikes are their horses. Children can use their imagination to create different storylines and use the outside world as their stage. While you can’t tell them what you imagine, you can certainly encourage them to continue being creative with how they play.

Play Sports

Passing a ball, playing a game of basketball, or bumping the volleyball back and forth are some more simple and entertaining activities for your children to enjoy during the summer. Be sure to provide your kids with a bunch of outdoor sports gear and equipment to allow them to play whatever they are feeling for the day. A basketball hoop and ball are a great option because kids who aren’t into basketball can still enjoy playing games and shooting hoops. From Horse to Around the World, there are many fun and simple basketball games that they can play.

Fly a Kite

Going to a park or an open field and flying a kite can be a fun activity to do with your kids. Kites can be fun to bring with you during a picnic. Your children will love watching their kite soar through the sky and will feel accomplished when they can get it in the air by themselves. Let your children pick out their own kite so that they are more excited to play with them!

Play With Water

Having a water balloon fight, running through the sprinklers, or even getting a kiddie pool can make time outside fun for your kids. While a sprinkler system or oscillating sled sprinkler can be fun for kids to run through, there are other fun hose attachments that can make this more fun for your kiddos. A kiddie pool can also make it fun for them to sit in the sun and splash around. Kids love playing with water in the summer, so make sure you have plenty of fun water toys for them to play with.

Make Garden Crafts

While gardening is fun to do with your children, it is not something that provides immediate results. While your plants are growing, have your children work on garden crafts that can keep them invested in the garden and allow them to spend more time outside. You can have them paint rocks that they can hide in the garden as fun little decorations. They could also make labels for the different things you planted. Even if you don’t have a garden, they can still make fun crafts for your yard. Have your kiddos create fairy doors with popsicle sticks, glitter, and beads to place by the base of trees. Or they can paint their own flower pots and you can help them plant some flowers. Crafting is always fun for kids and doing them outside is a great way to enjoy the sun and relaxing activity.

Explore Nature

Taking your children to a natural area and allowing them to explore is fun and gives your child a chance to get in touch with nature. Walk a trail with your kiddos, let them splash in the stream, allow them to take in their surroundings, and enjoy nature with your children. Kids love exploring and getting dirty. Be sure to take them to different places throughout the summer and allow them to simply explore.

Have a Picnic

Picnics are a fun summer activity that children love. Pack lunches and some games and walk or bike to a nearby park to enjoy a picnic with your kids. They will also enjoy helping you pack the snacks and get everything ready. Even if you just have a picnic in your own yard, your children will love the idea of eating outside on the ground. Lay down a blanket, grab their favorite snacks, and enjoy lunch outside with your kiddos.

There are so many different fun outdoor activities that your child can enjoy during the summer. While your children will likely be able to entertain themselves outside and use their creativity to imagine new games and activities, this is a good list of activities that can help you give them some ideas when they are bored. Help your children get the most out of summer and be sure to schedule a tour at Inch By Inch Child Care Center in Bedford to find the right child care for your child when summer ends.