1. Ways to Keep Your Kids Active This Summer

    As a parent, you both love and dread summer. It gives you and your kiddos a chance to spend some quality time together, get out in the gorgeous weather, and take part in fun summertime activities. On the other hand, it means your children are no longer in school and end up complaining about being bo…Read More

  2. Places To Take Your Kids This Summer

    The summer just barely started and your kiddos are already bored. They have done everything there is to do, and lost interest, fairly quickly. It is for this reason that parents hate summer. They have to work to make sure their children are staying out of trouble, at least once the kids grow older. …Read More

  3. The Benefits of Daycare

    Stay at home parents are not as common as they once were. Both parents need to work to keep food on the table, single parents have no choice, and sometimes having a job helps you keep your sanity. Because of this, more children are enrolled in daycares starting at a young age. There are many differe…Read More