1. How Young Children Learn

    Have you ever looked at your little tot and wondered what was going on in their mind? Have you ever been curious about how they learn different skills, like verbal and motor skills? At a young age, your child will learn a lot very quickly. It may be strange to watch your cute blob of fat learn to ta…Read More

  2. Fun Activities for Those Days Spent Indoors

    Most parents try hard to make sure their children stay active and get outside. While it sounds like an easy enough task, every parent knows that it can be difficult to get the kiddos outside, no matter how hard you try. During the summer you may try everything to get them out and about, playing with…Read More

  3. Ways to Keep Your Kids Active This Summer

    As a parent, you both love and dread summer. It gives you and your kiddos a chance to spend some quality time together, get out in the gorgeous weather, and take part in fun summertime activities. On the other hand, it means your children are no longer in school and end up complaining about being bo…Read More

  4. Ways to Encourage Creativity In Your Children

    Creativity is an important aspect of your children’s development. When you encourage your child to think and be creative, you are helping them to develop mental, social, and emotional skills. An article from Parents mentions that when your child creates art, their ability to analyze and problem-so…Read More

  5. Teaching Your Child Compassion

    Compassion is one of the most important things we can teach to our children. While many children show a sense of compassion in their early years without being taught, that can quickly vanish as they watch their peers, observe how people interact with one another, and take in different messages throu…Read More

  6. Books That Are Great For Kiddos

    Reading is a beautiful thing. It is a way to connect with others, to spend time in a different world for a while, and to learn more about a language. How many times does a book use a word you do not know and you end up looking it up to learn the meaning? You can learn a lot about language from readi…Read More

  7. Fun Family Winter Activities

    Many people do not like snow, the cold, or winter. They don’t enjoy bundling up and trudging through the slush. They dream of palm trees and sunny beaches all winter long. These people most likely do not live in Massachusetts and are probably not children. While some children don’t enjoy the sno…Read More

  8. Holiday Traditions

    With the best holiday of the year just a month away, it is time to start planning. The special thing about Christmas and other holiday around this time of year is the traditions. Family traditions can help shape who we are, can give up something to look forward to every year, and can help us bond wi…Read More

  9. Why Play Is Important For Kids

    As children interact with the world around them, they observe, learn, and discover new things. When a child has freedom to explore their curiosities, they are able to test their environment and find out how the world works. A lot of this discovery and learning take place through play, a natural acti…Read More

  10. Benefits Of Before And After School Programs

    There was once a time when picking your children up from school was simple, when both parents didn’t need to work, and when no planning had to be involved. But as lifestyles changed and the need for two incomes has become more apparent, children and school schedules have become more of burden to p…Read More